Tak ( pronounce Attack w/o A ),  is a guitar player/ songwriter/ noise organizer/ words mumbler at his own skin.

Born and raised in Osaka, Japan,  his interest in music began at early age as a kid with a small cassette tape player his grandma gave for his birthday.   Fascinated by the machine,  he started recording every music he liked on TV and radio straight out of speakers.
At early teenage days,  his love to the music moved on from  “listening” to “playing”,  started out with the piano,  then hopped onto the guitar.

After learning about the music he got pulled into are called Blues,  Rhythm & Blues,  Rock’n Roll,  Funk,   Soul music,  and they are all originated culture in this place called the U.S.A.,  he started having this dream of  “playing the guitar in real musical environment that created the sound.”

Pursuing this dream,  he moved to Atlanta, Georgia,  and started following its music scene for some jams to crack into it.  
His “Blues /Soul /Funk /Classic Rock” influenced guitar style led him to wide range of music scene from Southern Blues /Rock,  Gospel,  Reggae,  Pop,  to  Urban Soul /R&B,  and works from studio recordings to live performances in nationwide.

In 2018,  released his 1st solo project,  “axisfish”.

In 2019, released 2nd project,  EP called  “SampLoopExperimental”.

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As a professional guitar player and songwriter,   Tak has worked for many artists/labels from local to international music industries such as:

CNN/HLN ( Soapbox Studio ),          DARP Studio,          Evander Holyfield’s Real Deal Ent.,
Big Time Rush ( Nickelodeon,  guitar on “Time Of Our Life”  from album “Elevate” )
Dallas Austin ( producer for TLC,  Madonna,  Gwen Stefani,  etc… as live guitarist on his solo project, “Dallas Austin Experience” )
Novel (singer-songwriter/producer for Alicia Keys,  Leona Lewis,  India Arie, etc… )
Montell Jordan ( guitar on “Crushin'”  from album, “Life After Def” ),
Tony Rich Project ( Grammy award winning singer-songwriter )
Lil G ( from R&B group,  Silk ),          Rasa Don ( from Hip-Hop group,  Arrested Development )
Charlie Singleton ( from legendary funk band,  Cameo ),          Divinity Roxx ( formal Beyonce’s bassist,  Victor Wooten )
Algebra ( Soul/R&B singer-songwriter,  on album, “Purpose” ),         Sandra Hall ( Atlanta blues artist ),
Japanese pop artists such as;  Crystal Kay ( on album, “4Real” ),         J Soul Brothers ( as songwriter ),  and so on…