Tak ( pronounce Attack w/o A ),  is a guitar player/ songwriter/ noise organizer/ words mumbler at his own skin.

Born and raised in Osaka, Japan,  his interest in music began at early age as a kid.    At early teenage days,  his love to the music moved on from “listening” to “playing”,  started out with piano,  then moved onto the guitar.    After learning about the Blues, R&R, Old-school R&B, Funk and Soul music,  he started having this dream of “playing it in real musical environment that created/originated its culture.”

Pursuing this dream,  he moved to Atlanta, Georgia in 1989.    Soon after the arrival,  he started following its music scene,  and playing around the city.    His “Blues/Soul/Funk/Classic Rock” influenced guitar style led him to wide range of music scene from Southern Blues/Rock,  Gospel,  Reggae,  Pop,  to  Urban Soul/R&B,  and works from studio recordings to live performances in nationwide.

In 2018,  released his 1st solo project, “axisfish”.

In 2019, released 2nd project, EP called “SampLoopExperimental”.


As a professional guitar player and songwriter,   Tak has worked for many artists/labels from local to international music industries such as:

CNN/HLN ( Soapbox Studio ),          DARP Studio,          Evander Holyfield’s Real Deal Ent.,
Big Time Rush ( Nickelodeon,  guitar on “Time Of Our Life”  from album “Elevate” )
Dallas Austin ( producer for TLC,  Madonna,  Gwen Stefani,  etc… as live guitarist on his solo project, “Dallas Austin Experience” )
Novel (singer-songwriter/producer for Alicia Keys,  Leona Lewis,  India Arie, etc… )
Montell Jordan ( guitar on “Crushin'”  from album, “Life After Def” ),
Tony Rich Project ( Grammy award winning singer-songwriter )
Lil G ( from R&B group,  Silk ),          Rasa Don ( from Hip-Hop group,  Arrested Development )
Charlie Singleton ( from legendary funk band,  Cameo ),          Divinity Roxx ( formal Beyonce’s bassist,  Victor Wooten )
Algebra ( Soul/R&B singer-songwriter,  on album, “Purpose” ),         Sandra Hall ( Atlanta blues artist ),
Japanese pop artists such as;  Crystal Kay ( on album, “4Real” ),         J Soul Brothers ( as songwriter ),  and so on…