Brand new record is OUT NOW!  The 3rd record from axisfish is simply called “axisfish 3”!  
Currently, it’s only available on Bandcamp for listening and download ~~~>=+> https://axisfish.bandcamp.com/album/axisfish-3
So go ahead, tap the link and check it! : )

It also will be available in the hands of all the streaming pimps on top of 2024. The updates will come soon!

On the other hand, my 2 other projects,  the 1st album “axisfish”  &  the ep “SampLoopExperimental” are out there hopping around the world,
so feel free to visit MUSIC page for all the links.

…. and don’t forget to visit MEDIA page for some music videos!

We all speak axisfish.

Welcome to the world of  “axisfish”,   sonic-wave project of a musician/ guitar player/ songwriter/ producer,   Tak Nakazawa.
Interested ???… cool, thanks, and go ahead,  you know what to do.