[ April ’20 ]
I hope all of you are doing the best in this crazy situation… let’s just keep our positive energy and move forward to get through this tough time.
At the same time, I’d like to give much love and appreciation to folks who are working at front line of this chaotic moment.
On the other hand, new music video “Touch” has been dropped off on MEDIA page!… feel free to go’n check it out!

[ January, 2020 ]
2020 WILL BE A EXCITING YEAR FOR AXISFISH!  Another recording project is coming, and… LIVE!
Can’t wait to put some sonic movements on stage!  More details are coming soon!!!

[ December ’19 ]
Just dropped a new music video for the end of 2019!
Music video for the tune “To All My Lovely Weird F Heads” from EP “SampLoopExperimental” is added on MEDIA page… this song is the most “Liked” song on my Soundcloud page, so go’n check it!

And another video for December ’19 is here.
Lyric video for the tune “Time & Space” is now added on the MEDIA page so go’n check it out!  Also don’t forget to visit my YouTube channel and subscribe.  More cool stuff are coming… the link is on the MEDIA page!

[ November ’19 ]
Lyric video of the tune “I.N.G.” from my 1st album “axisfish” is out now.
Feel free to visit MEDIA page, and check it out.

Also….  EP Project, “SampLoopExperimental”  is now on CD format!  Why?  ‘Cuz I’m old-school like that!
For purchase, contact me on email —->   axisfish@gmail.com.

Of course, the music is all over the digital music market….  as well as my 1st full album “axisfish”.
For all the links and info of my music,  please visit MUSIC page.

Welcome to the website of  “axisfish”,   sonic-wave project of a musician/ guitar player/ songwriter/ producer,   Tak Nakazawa.
This is also his personal web page…   so go ahead,  you know what to do.